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【Actuator】 Stopper Cylinder

Stopper Cylinder with Shock Absorber

The built-in shock absorber catches and stops work softly. Deviation and downfall of work from conveyor line are eliminated without making impact noise. The strength of the shock absorber can be easily adjusted to obtain the optimum operating condition according to the line speed and work weight.

Stopper Cylinder with Roller

The roller on top of the piston rolls keeping in touch with the bottom surface of work owing to the built-in spring. The roller automatically returns as the work passes by to work as a stopper for the next work. The roller, which keeps in touch with the bottom surface of the work, does not push up the work because the upward force is restricted by the spring.

Direct Stopper Cylinder

Durably designed rod and cylinder endure large lateral load. This cylinder is best suited for the relatively slow-moving conveyor line with heavy work. Various attachments can be attached at the top of the piston according to the work.

Horizontal Stopper Cylinder with Shock Absorber

A horizontal stopper cylinder of lower height for heavy work. The unique structure with lower design is suitable for accumulating line, aging line and multi-stage conveyor line.

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