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【Cold Air Generator】Jet Cooler

Jets out cold air 40℃ colder (maximum)
than inlet air by only supplying compressed air.


Jet cooler is a cold air generator, applying a principle of swirling theory, which does not have any moving parts. Without need of refrigerant or electricity, the jet cooler whirls compressed air inside of the tube at high speed and then separates it into hot air and cold air. The generated cold air is readily used for spot cooling in many fields.


  • Long file because of no moving parts.
  • Large proportion of coil air to consumed air.
  • The temperature and amount of cold air can be adjusted.
  • Cold air is generated at the same time the compressed air is supplied.


Model Medium Working Pressure Air Consumption Weight
VT-150N Air 0.2~0.5MPa 160L/min 0.25Kg
VT-300N 375L/min 0.45Kg
VT-600N 600L/min 0.85Kg

※Air consumption is at supply air pressure 0.4Mpa.


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