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Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers

DH Series

The desiccant beads can reduce the water vapor from the compressed air. The pre-filter can eliminate solid and liquid contaminants, and prolong the life of the desiccant bed. And it can create the high quality compressed air.

Provide pressure dew points -40℃


  • The dry purge air pulls (desorbs) moisture from the desiccant and carries it out of the dryer. Have a lower initial cost than heated type dryers.
  • The drain never arise because the moisture is dried and pull.

  • Option; Models for higher working pressures(4.9MPa)



  1. Wet air enters the dryer, flows through inlet switching valve (B), Tower (T1) where the air is dried, and a system of check valves to the dryer outlet.
  2. A potion of the dried air is diverted through adjustable purge rate valve (J), purge orifice (K) where it is throttled to near atmospheric pressure, and Tower (T2).
  3. This dry, low pressure air, called purge air, regenerates the desiccant in Tower (T2) by carrying off the water collected during the drying stage. The purge air is then exhausted to atmosphere through purge/repressurization valve (D) and purge muffler (M).
  4. After regeneration, purge/repressurization valve (D) closes and Tower (T2)  fully repressurizes to line pressure.
  5. Inlet switching valve (C) then opens, inlet switching valve (B) closes, and purge/repressurization valve (A) opens. Inlet air is now being dried in Tower (T2) while Tower (T1) is being regenerated.

These dryers continuously dry compressed air by using two identical towers, each containing a desiccant bed.

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